Helping Good Parents Become Great Parents

As a Keynote or Guest Speaker, Coach Christine is engaging and to-the-point.



Coach Christine works one-on-one with parents who recognize the need for changes and are willing and determined to do what is necessary to make those changes. Skype, Phone, or Office

With coaching, classes, and seminars, parents gain strategies that work to create a peaceful and joyful home. 

Christine Donavan offers expertise and perspectives on parenting in today's rapidly changing culture. With you she explores new methods to identify your own parenting style and strengths that will not only bring renewed hope, but create a more positive outlook for your family's future. She will assist you in identifying the stressors that challenge your family, evaluate key resources to utilize, and help you rebuild healthy parent-child relationships. Parents have found that when they first enter into the coaching process, they are empowered and encouraged to discover their own inner strengths, and quickly find that their parenting ability is better than they could have ever imagined.

Chris Donavan values the parent as the expert in his/her family and serves to equip parents with the skills, strengths and confidence that bring success to raising children.

•Do you want to laugh more and yell less? 
•Do you question your ability to parent well?

• Do you want to experience more joy in your family?
• Are you struggling with parenting in a troubled marriage?
• Are you confused by all the “experts” telling you what to do? 
• Do you and your partner disagree on the RIGHT way to parent?
• Are you longing for a peaceful home without bickering or whining?
• Are you having difficulty setting limits on computer, game and television use?

Available in Schools,  Churches, or Private Groups. Classes are fun and interactive.