I really had no idea what parent coaching was prior to our sessions, and I would have predicted that you would offer me advice which I would defensively counter. In actuality, you asked questions which gave me the opportunity to consider different scenarios and think through the probable consequences.  There was no defensiveness on my part because you recognized that I knew my daughter better than anyone and I had my own parenting style.  Yet the time spent was invaluable in overcoming the negative patterns of behavior that develop, particularly during the teenage years.

Thank you for your insight, patience and professionalism.  I would be delighted to recommend you to anyone considering parent coaching, and would be happy to explain to parents like myself who do not really understand what it is and how it might benefit their family.

Leslie Seymour (Chicago, IL)

The parenting class has been amazing for us! Before taking the class our lives had gotten out of our control. Our kids were no longer listening to us, they were fighting daily and we had started raising our voices in anger in an attempt to regain control. We were at wits end and ready to throw our hands up out of desperation. After the first class we started using the tools of Parenting with Love and Logic and noticed a huge difference in the response of our kids to us. We were actually beginning to enjoy parenting again. Now our home has been reclaimed. Our children are listening and are eager to please. Our children are telling us how much they love us instead of how much they hate us. They are proud of themselves when they have gone a few days without fighting with each other. The anger has been replaced with happiness and joy. Thank you for helping us to remember how much fun there is in parenting and how rewarding the calling to parent can be. 

Sincerely, Amy (and Bryan) Collins
Charleston, SC

I want to give my heartfelt endorsement for the parent training classes or coaching led by Chris Donavan. We have four children with two more on the way (our second set of identical twins) and can relate to the dynamics and challenges of balancing, ushering and guiding our little ones through life. Chris has been our parent coach and has provided us with tremendous insight, ideas and opportunities to discuss our feelings with one another. You can tell a tree by its fruit, and there has been such abundant fruit from our discussions. We wanted to pass our experiences along and encourage you to participate. 

Brent (and Krista) McHenry 
Johns Island, SC

This has been such a worthwhile class. I definitely recommend it to other parents.  Letting the consequences do the teaching has really removed a lot of anger and conflict from my interactions with my children. I always wanted to parent differently but didn’t know how to go about it. Now I have techniques.   
Tanya (and Dave) Murphy
Daniel Island, SC

I learned not to get stuck doing the same things over and over. The new techniques created better results for both me and my children. I wish the class wasn’t coming to an end…parenting is ongoing and I love this atmosphere and the knowledge I have learned.
Mount Pleasant

The parent coaching process helps parents realize what they are doing right and gives the resources, inspiration, and confidence to try new things to help improve weaknesses.  The process was full of grace, humility and love.  It does not come with the expectation of do “x” and you will get “y” (as many books give) but really is a lesson on how to love and shape your child as you go through life.        

Participating in coaching was better than a parenting class or seminar because we were able to discuss issues over the course of several months, rather than get overloaded with too much information at once.  It enabled us to talk about our parenting struggles and successes regularly, put changes into practice in a more natural manner and discuss problems that resulted.  Solutions/communications were able to be worked through over time.

Kelli T. , Mt. Pleasant, SC

This has been invaluable in our parenting approach.  It has given us a broader view of our son's abilities, future and potential.  Chris has been an outstanding coach:  consistent, clear, responsive, reliable, responsible, knowledgeable, balanced and wise.  I cannot recommend this process enough for parents who wish to expand their parenting abilities and knowledge and to overcome seemingly impossible relationships with their children.

Stephanie Shahid
Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina

Christine presents a  great seminar that really inspires parents to reexamine their parenting skills.  She teaches parents the benefit of using  love and logic to raise confident, mentally healthy children.  I highly recommend this program.
Deborah G. Price, Ed.S.

Text received: Okay, my son is actually vacuuming and took the dog on a walk, and is happy doing it. Not a single argument. And can I please tell you about the reading I am getting done???? No more time spent doing things for him, we now have time to do things WITH him!!! I can’t believe what you have taught us!!!! 
Hillary Collins
Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina

I would never send my child to a school whose teachers were not trained and certified, yet we as parents have no formal training and we think we can do it all right with no help.  It is refreshing and comforting to know that our instincts are good but that there are some tried and true ways go from good to great. I am looking forward to the rest of the sessions as a principal but even more so as a parent. 
Ms. Anna Dassing
Moultrie Middle School Principal
Mt. Pleasant, SC

Chris, you have had an enormous impact on my life over the past 5 years. What a powerful gift of grace God gave me when you offered to coach me. Your wise counsel kept me steady on course not to enable them to stay dependent but to release them into their own God-directed lives.  So I have to say simply thank you. For loving us each and all so much. The 12th anniversary of Chip's death on July 22, 2001 is coming up. I praise God for your ministry and friendship-without which I could not have kept on.      

                                                                                                                                Rebecca Morgan (Asheville, NC) 

Thanks for being such an asset our patients and our community. 

David L. Albenberg, MD
Access Healthcare

Helping Good Parents Become Great Parents