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Please Talk to Me

In this class, you will learn effective ways to encourage your children to talk; convince them to listen to our advice; and stop arguing once and for all!

Texting-Sexting and other Media Issues 

Who or what is in control of your child?  How can you help your child reap the benefits of our high tech world without falling prey to the dangers? 

Boys: Superheroes, Guns, and Dirt 

What does your son need to succeed in a world where so many young men are “failing to launch”?  Understanding gender differences and the unique challenges faced by boys today will help you guide your son to success.  Learn how to direct that high energy into academic and social success.

Girls: Makeup, Dolls and Best Friends 

What does your daughter most need from you? You might be surprised.

Sex: The True Statistics  

They will surprise you. What you MUST know and how to communicate it to your child. (All are welcome, but directed most to parents of children age 10+)

Going it Alone…. 

Single Parenting/Co-parenting/Step-parenting  This class is also for parents who have nieces, nephews, grandchildren, or friends of the family who may be living in a distressed family.

Motivating Children and Teens 

No more reward charts.  Learn the proven facts about the ways to motivate folks of all ages to do their best. 

Distressed Families

Whether you are single parenting, co-parenting, or step-                        parenting, learn techniques to help you communicate effectively with the other parent; help your child cope with frustrations and fears; and find more joy in your unexpected situation of divorce or separation. 

Seminars can be arranged at the request of groups of 10 or more. 

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