Families have always been diverse, but today we see more families who have experienced divorce and remarriage.  The same characteristics that make single-parent families strong are found in strong families in general. 

When parents are separated, or already divorced, the challenge of focusing on good parenting instead of their mutual hurt can be daunting.  The pain of marital discord can overpower all aspects of a good parent's life, including the true desire to love and parent his or her children well. 

Christine Donavan has personally gone through the stages of single parenting due to divorce. She has parented as a traditional stay-at-home mom, experienced an acrimonious divorce, single parenting, step-parenting and long-distance marriage.  She has compassion for and experience in the process of learning to co-parent effectively and lovingly with the father of her children. 

Coaching through the process as well as assisting parents who are single, part-time, or step parents is a particular passion and area of expertise for Chris. Her coaching is intended to help single parents ease their stress and conflict and improve their ability for a new, positive “two home” family plan. She helps step-parents discover their best approach in ways that assist and honor all of the children and adults involved. Coaching can be done individually or together with the co-parent and/or step-parent.  

Christine is skilled and experienced working along side parents and attorneys as they develop child custody and visitation guidelines.  She acts as a neutral third party, with only the best interests of the children in mind.

The process is focused solely on parenting. Past hurts and blames are set aside as Chris skillfully and with compassion helps parents put the needs of their children first. 

Families In Distress


Helping Good Parents Become Great Parents