What is Parent Coaching?

Parent coaching is a unique, creative way to support you as you raise your children. It is a one-on-one or one-on-two, collaborative process in which I help you identify and address cultural stresses that may be impacting you and your children. I help you discover more of the good and the positive about what is working in your current situation, assist you in evaluating the systems you have in place which are supportive, and work with you to design action steps to realize your dreams more quickly.

What Does a Parent Coach Do?

A parent coach is a highly trained individual with a broad background of education and experiences who listens intently, asks key questions, provides information, and offers specific suggestions to help you implement new attitudes and strategies for yourself and your children. Working together, I help you stay focused and take action from week to week, as you become the best parent you can be.

 What Kinds of Goals Can a Parent Coach Help You Achieve?

Parent Coaches work with parents who recognize the need for changes and are willing and determined to do what is necessary to make those changes. Some clients want ways to support their children’s school success in more substantial ways. Others look for assistance in figuring out how to tame the TV and video game monster and get more in control of media’s influences.  Parents of newborns are often looking for ways to lessen their stress and enjoy this new phase in their lives while providing the best possible atmosphere for their new baby.  Parents going through major changes such as divorce or relocation are in search of ways to smooth out the transition for their children.  Newly blended families search for ways to lovingly encourage their children as they adjust to their new situation.   Parents of teenagers are looking to find more joy and peace while helping their child grow in independence that sometimes manifests as rebellion. Parents of grown children are often looking for ways to assist their children while developing adult-to-adult relationships.

Information revealed by the client during any communication with coach are confidential and will not be shared with any outside party without client’s written consent.


Sessions may be conducted in my Mt. Pleasant, SC office or via Skype or telephone. Many parents have much on their plate and coaching them every other week gives time to practice and implement ideas. Some parents who want a more focused approach with faster results choose to work weekly.  I recommend that for the first two months we work weekly and then move to bi-weekly if it makes sense to do so.  Most parents find that a minimum of twelve sessions is required to make the desired fundamental changes in their parenting.

Helping Good Parents Become Great Parents


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